WN/R: Laborer cuts off the head of his landlord for sleeping with his daughter [Photos]

The Ghana Police Service has a 35-year-old laborer in custody for allegedly killing his landlord with the claim that the landlord is having an affair with his daughter.

The incident took place this morning in the Bia West District of the Western North Region, close to Sefwi Akaatiso, at a community called YAW ANANE.

The unnamed perpetrator believed his landlord, Agya Anto, was having an affair with his daughter, the source claims.

In a fit of rage, he addressed his landlord and warned him not to come close to his daughter again, threatening consequences if he disregarded him.

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Agya Anto took offense to the threat, which resulted in a fight between the two men. Other individuals then intervened to break up the fight.

When Agya Anto proceeded to have his bath, the laborer suddenly showed up and killed him, chopping off his head in the process.

The locals caught him, and once the Akaatiso Police station was informed of the situation, he was subsequently picked up.

The dead body of Agya Anto was also picked up by the Akaatiso police, they have already opened an investigation.


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  1. It is too bad that some men have ceased to men: they have become beast.
    If the killer is only 35 years, how old would the daughter be?

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