Video of a father “smoking with his 3-month-old son” sparks controversy

A young father who shared a video of himself smoking while cradling his tiny infant online has sparked a firestorm of indignation.

Despite the fact that he was believed to be carrying a baby who was just three months old, he pulled from his stick of smoke and puffed it out.

The father was observed smoking his lungs out in the living room while wearing matching pajamas with his infant child, who was just a few months old.

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Check out some reactions to the video;

queen_DUunmMiiiso said: “This is the worse thing I’ve seen on the internet what’s wrong with this generation?? This is absolutely bad | can’t even allow a guy that smokes or does drugs to father my child blogs please don’t post things like this it’s appalling.”

__dibaaaaaa noted: “And that innocent child is supposed to inhale that…. Not everyone really deserves to be a parent”

yourprincecharming01 observed: “That’s not healthy for the baby the mother doing the video definitely smokes also.”

jectimi_comedy commented: “How can we explain to this CHILD that his father is f00Il. Dou in America and uk parents do this but I still don’t see it as something to emulate. For God’s sake that child is not supposed to inhale that smoke.”

Watch the video below;

Video credit: gossipmilltv

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