Teachers awarded to express gratitude for their commitment to their work

In an effort to motivate teachers to remain committed to their profession, Assemblyman Elder Asare Brew, who represents the Manso Abore Ebom electoral region in the Amansie West District, arranged an awards event for teachers.

The intention was to commend the district’s teachers and other public servants for their commitment to duty and to inspire them to continue serving the community to the best of their abilities.

112 people in total, including teachers, health professionals, and security employees, were recognized for their contributions to the district’s overall growth.

92 teachers from both public and private schools, as well as other people, were among the recipients.

Elder Brew stated at a ceremony to distribute the gifts to the qualified recipients that it was important to show individuals appreciation for their contributions to their communities in order to encourage them and serve as an example for others to follow.

Elder Brew, who also serves as the National Disaster Management Organization’s (NADMO) Amansie West District Director, hoped that the honors would spur the recipients to keep up their efforts in order to influence the district’s growth, particularly in the area of education.

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Gas cylinders, TVs, and educational bursaries for some students were among the gifts offered.

Eight pupils from the electoral region who were accepted into senior high school were each given GH1,000.00 in financial aid.

He said that as teachers “play a very important role in the community, and the development of this country,” they made up the majority of the winners.

Therefore, it is necessary to express gratitude for their efforts.

According to Elder Brew, teachers in rural locations confront a variety of difficulties, including housing, a lack of classroom space, transportation, hazardous roads, and a lack of desire.

He argued that the very least he could do was to express gratitude for their sacrifices and implore them to keep the kids with them.

However, he voiced sadness about the damage that illicit mining was doing to the local ecosystem and how it was harming the locals’ access to education.

The assembly member demanded a coordinated effort from all parties to reverse the trend after claiming that some kids had left the classes and turned to illicit mining as a means of subsistence.

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