Oxford Dictionary Adds New Words

There are some of the new words now appearing this month in the Oxford English Dictionary. The new words total nearly 700 and there are a many plus the Oxford description.

Air range “A small convection roaster, used to fry foods using  veritably little  oil painting ”Captain egregious “ a  sardonic or disparaging name for someone who makes an  egregious or  redundant statement ”

CODA Stands for the association called Children of Deaf Grown-ups, formed in 1983, and it means “a person who has one or  further parents or guardians who are deaf or hard of  hail ”  Crash diet “ A diet intended to affect in a  veritably  rapid-fire weight loss over a short period of time ”

Dap “A casual gesture of greeting, similar as a fist bump” 

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Final girl “A  womanish character in a film who survives to  master or  shirk the  bushwhacker after all the other characters have been killed she is intelligent, serious and pure ” 

Halfsies “ Halves; two equal shares or  corridor; ” Scottish term for “ a hypodermic injection, especially a vaccination ” 

Keep mug “A applicable mug” 

Mononym “A one-word name, generally a celebrity” 

Pinkie pledge “A pledge made while linking one’s little cutlet with that of another person it’s list and sincere”

Veranda corsair “A person who steals parcels that have been delivered and left unattended

Textspeak “the language of  textbook messaging with all its bowdlerizations, acronyms, emoticons or emojis, etc. ”

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