Government plans to launch a virtual high school in Ghana – Education Minister mentions

The Ghana Virtual High School would allow students to enroll and complete high school online, according to Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, Minister of Education.

He claimed that in order to enhance teaching and learning in their classrooms, high schools will also incorporate guidelines and materials from the virtual high school.

The Minister said this on Monday in Accra at the 2nd National Conference on Distance Learning.

The Center for National Distance Learning and Open Schooling (CENDLOS) organized the event in collaboration with the World Bank Group, UNICEF, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Reimagining Education: A Call for Multi-Stakeholder Coordination and Action for Equitable Access to Digital and Distance Learning in Africa was the theme of the conference.

Digital learning, according to Dr. Adutwum, is an essential leapfrog technique that might change Africa’s fortune, particularly in the educational sector.

He advised African leaders to quit complaining about their circumstances, adopt a can-do attitude, and use technology to advance their own nations.

The Minister affirmed his belief in the capacity of African children, saying that given the chance, they will excel above all expectations.

By utilizing digital technology, Mr. Adutwum stated that the government planned to double Ghana’s science enrollment the next year.

He praised CENDLOS for its dedication to online and remote education in the nation and urged stakeholders to help them fulfill their purpose.

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The Conference’s theme, according to Nana Gvamfi Adwabour, Executive Director of CENDLOS, advocated for inclusive communication and cooperation among stakeholders to avoid duplication and redundancy in the education system.

He said that the inaugural meeting had useful outcomes, chief among them the creation of an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy.

The Executive Director cited connectivity as one of the issues impeding the operation of online and remote education and urged support from Telecommunications Companies and other stakeholders.

ICT integration in education has enhanced learning results and the system as a whole, according to Dr. Eric Nansah, director-general of the Ghana Education Service.

He claimed that for many people, remote learning had turned into a lifeline, assuring that education would continue despite difficult circumstances.

“Regardless of distance, teachers can interact with students and have access to training opportunities to develop professionally. ICT enhances the parent-teacher interaction and allows parents to track their children’s educational development, according to the speaker.

Online education and open enrollment are regulated, overseen, and counseled by CENDLOS. Using contemporary, cutting-edge technology in open, remote, and electronic learning, it makes learning affordable, flexible, and available to everyone.

It aims to improve access to education for everyone, meld the existing educational system with cutting-edge ICT solutions, and guarantee top-notch instruction at all levels.

At the pre-tertiary level, it uses audio-visual lessons as supplemental and complementary teaching and learning materials.

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