NAGRAT leadership infuriated by the new academic calendar

If the government does not agree to hold talks to bring the academic calendar back to the trimester system, the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has threatened to order its members to take breaks from their work.

This is in response to the recently disclosed school calendar, which states that pupils in Forms 2 and 3 under the Single Track system started their academic year on November 1 and are expected to finish on March 6.

Under the double track system, form two students are scheduled to start on March 8 and finish on May 9, which leaves little time for teachers to take their well-earned breaks.

In an interview with Citi News, NAGRAT President Angel Carbonu said that if the government doesn’t go back to the trimester system, the organisation could have to expel its members.

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“They are more confused than anybody. Because I can assure you, the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service (GES), cannot tell you when the confusion will end. If we were serious, we should not admit the 2023/2024 first years into any double-track programme.

“Then we can say certainly that within three years, all schools will come back to normal if we can discipline ourselves and say we want to end the double track in the next three years.

“Let us not admit form ones into the double track, then I can say within the next three years in 2026, we will all end the double track for schools to run normally. But one thing I can assure everybody is that we will not continue to be working without rest periods. And a time will come when we take the rest period for ourselves, without resorting to management.” Angel Carbonu said.

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