NAGRAT demands better teacher welfare

In order to maintain peace and harmony in the workplace, the National Association of Graduate Teachers’ Central Regional Office (NAGRAT Central) has urged the association’s national leadership to be consistent in negotiating for improved working conditions.

It stated that even while improvements to teachers’ working circumstances had been achieved, there were still many difficulties that had an impact on productivity.

The inability of the NAGRAT national executives to negotiate a new contract once their current one with the government expires in 2022 was regarded as worrying by the NAGRAT Central Regional Office.

As a result, the NAGRAT Central has given the national executives a week to take the necessary action to avoid what they have described as grave implications for teaching and learning.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Mrs. Salamatu Gausu, the regional chairperson, urged NAGRAT national to make sure that all teachers received the same benefits as other members of the public sector.

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“The Ghanaian teacher cannot hope for a reward in heaven while others enjoyed on earth,” she stated.

She claimed that without drastic government action to improve their situation, the unstable working conditions of teachers across the nation had rendered them worse off and despairing.

Mrs. Gausu retold the horrifying stories of the teachers who come to the NAGRAT Central office every day to complain about their miserable conditions and lack of optimism.

While the Ghanaian teacher does not receive rent allowance, transportation allowance, entertainment allowance, or other enticing incentives, other public sector employees do.

“As you are all aware, the Ghanaian teacher lags when it comes to issues of compensation and remuneration, even though the teacher works under very challenging conditions everywhere in this country.

“We are all public sector workers, working for the same government and the same country, and yet, our government deem it necessary to include in the conditions of service for other sector workers, benefits that are not found in the conditions of service for others and this is not fair,” she added.

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