Appeal for the Design and Implementation of Comprehensive Mutual Health Insurance for GNAT members

I appeal to you on behalf of the members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) with a matter of utmost urgency and importance.

It has come to our attention that an alarming number of our members are suffering from kidney, liver, cancer, and other heart-related diseases, and unfortunately, we have lost several valuable lives due to the lack of adequate healthcare coverage.

I humbly appeal to the Executive and National Council members to take immediate action by designing and implementing a comprehensive mutual health insurance scheme for our members.

Such a scheme would provide financial protection and access to quality healthcare services, ensuring the well-being and longevity of our dedicated teachers.
Allow me to highlight the reasons and importance of implementing a comprehensive mutual health insurance scheme for GNAT members:

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  1. Financial Security: Many of our members face significant financial burdens when faced with medical expenses. A comprehensive mutual health insurance scheme would alleviate these burdens by providing coverage for the costs associated with kidney, liver, cancer, and heart-related diseases. It would ensure that our teachers receive the necessary medical treatments and procedures without incurring substantial financial hardship.
  2. Improved Access to Healthcare: With a mutual health insurance scheme in place, our members would have enhanced access to a wide range of healthcare services. This would include preventive care, regular health check-ups, specialized treatments, and medications. Timely access to healthcare facilities and services would significantly improve the health outcomes of our members, reducing the risk of complications and potentially saving lives.
  3. Health Awareness and Education: Implementing a comprehensive mutual health insurance scheme would also provide an opportunity to promote health awareness and education among our members. Through workshops, seminars, and educational campaigns, we can empower teachers with the knowledge and resources to lead healthier lifestyles, detect symptoms early, and seek appropriate medical attention.
  4. Retention and Attraction of Teachers: Offering a comprehensive mutual health insurance scheme would make GNAT more attractive to current and prospective teachers. By providing this essential benefit, we can enhance the overall job satisfaction and well-being of our members. This, in turn, would contribute to increased retention rates, as teachers would feel valued and supported by the association.

Considering the urgency and gravity of the situation, I kindly request that the Executive and National Council members prioritize the design and implementation of the mutual health insurance scheme for GNAT members.

I recognize the challenges associated with such an undertaking, but I am confident that with your leadership and collective effort, we can bring about positive change and secure the health and future of our esteemed teachers.

I would be more than willing to contribute my time and expertise to support the development and execution of this scheme. I believe that by working together, we can ensure that GNAT members receive the healthcare coverage they deserve, reducing the burden of diseases and preventing further loss of lives.

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Nana John Owusu Mensah, First National Trustee, GNAT


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