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11 top strategies to move to UK

An influencer has shared 11 strategies for people looking for fresh possibilities to move to the UK on social media.

The video, which she shared on her TikTok profile, describes several routes one can take in search of better opportunities in the UK.

The content producer highlighted the wide range of possibilities people might choose to establish themselves in the UK as their new home by sharing the top 11 avenues open to prospective immigrants.

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The influencer’s list includes a variety of visa alternatives that are suited to various situations and goals. On the list are;

  • Student visa
  • Skilled Worker
  • Visa Health and Care Visa
  • Global Talent Visa
  • Refugee or Humanitarian Protection
  • Asylum
  • Spouse Visa
  • Unmarried Partner Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Dependent Visa
  • Family Visa

Watch the video below:

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