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Limping Dog Battles Two Huge Lions [VIDEO]

A limping dog fighting two enormous lions was seen on camera in a rare instance. The incident is thought to have taken place at Tanzania’s Ngorongoro crater.

Since then, this incredible video has gone viral, with internet users criticising the dog’s boldness and self-assurance in facing off against the lion and lioness.

A dog is abruptly shown dashing approaching a comfortable male lion and lioness in a video that lasts 27 seconds.

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Despite the tiny limping dog’s violent barking attempts to frighten the two dangerous predators, both lions stood upright and showed no sign of being shaken by the dog’s behaviour.

The stray dog is shown eating alongside death, barking loudly and displaying its pointed teeth in an effort to frighten the two lions away. The stray dog is shown limping away without being “killed” by the two predators as the film comes to a close.

Watch video below;

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