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Man recounts how God miraculously healed him of lung cancer (Video)

Man, recounts how God miraculously healed him of lung cancer by coughing out the tumour. The man who was miraculously cured of lung cancer has expressed his appreciation to God.

He said that he had undergone a variety of tests and had blood extracted from him numerous times in vain.

He continued by saying that he didn’t know what was causing the illness during this time and that he suddenly started dropping weight, moving from 80 kg to 69 kg.

His airway was being blocked by a tumour on his lungs, the doctors informed him at one point. They insisted on removing his lungs, and the procedure would cost around 3.7 million.

Fortunately, and miraculously, he apparently began coughing and coughed out the tumour before the surgery could be completed.

The video’s caption read:

“I was cured of lung cancer by God. I miraculously coughed out the tumour. My damaged left lung began to function again. The tumour was completely eliminated without surgery instead of the 3.7-million-dollar procedure,” I simply received cough medicine. Nothing exists that God cannot accomplish”.

View the video here:

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