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Harold Amenyah and his wife finally respond to haters who called her ugly [VIDEO]

Harold Amenyah, a charming Ghanaian actor, and his wife Irene dominated social media waves over the weekend with their union.

Irene was called a not “soo gorgeous woman” by internet trolls in their chilly comments on photos from the unforgettable wedding.

Irene was the subject of cruel remarks about her appearance on social media as trolls brutally mocked her.

Harold Amenya and his wife finally respond to haters who called her ugly

Some well-known trolls alleged she wasn’t attractive and questioned why such a handsome actor as Harold would pick a woman like Irene, who doesn’t enhance his marital status.

Others defended Irene and stated that she is a gorgeous lady while mocking and slurs came her way from all sides. They contend that the photo’s seeming unflattering portrayal of her as a result of the camera position and lighting.

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Fans of Irene who have been defending her on social media have uploaded her lovely images to support their argument.

Now that everything has calmed down, Irene and Harold have a message for their detractors.

The famous couple slyly poked fun at their detractors in a new all-loved-up video. While Harold Amenyah appeared normal, his wife dressed up a little but still appeared lovely and all-natural.

Harold Amenya and his wife finally respond to haters who called her ugly [VIDEO]

Harold made the funny observation that although they should be enjoying more s*x, they have chosen to provide Ghanaians with more content.

He then ran a brief advertisement for their YouTube page, which they intend to use to make additional money.

It is needless, according to fans, to respond to the trolls. Harold’s addition that they were supposed to have more s*x was also impolite.

Watch video below;

Video credit: ghanafuo_ho_nsem2

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