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The Bond of 1844: the agreement between the “Fante” and the British

The Bond of 1844 was a military agreement between the “Fante” and the British to formalize a military agreement, in exchange, the British will be allowed to have courts and other benefits on Fanti lands. 

The bond as the word “bond” was also an agreement between some kingdoms and states on the Coast to never fight each other, respect human rights and stop practices such as instant justice and ritual sacrifices demanded by customs.

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All historians know the Assin, Denkyira and Fantes (also known as the Fante Coalition) and later on Akyem and Wassa etc. who signed those treaties did not see it as a formal treaty of colonization but an agreement to have British military support in weapons and ammunition when the need arises. Such a bond was strategic in formalizing the alliance between The Coast & The British.

Fante polities were autonomous and thus each State’s King had the right to make that decision on behalf of its own State.

The Kings that signed the Bond of 1844 were:

1. Kwadwo Tsibu (King of Denkyira)

2. Kwesi Otu (King of Abrah)

3. Tsibu Kuma (King of Assin)

4. Gyebi (2nd King of Assin)

5. Kwesi Ankra (King of Donadie)

6. Ewusi (king of Dominase)

7. Amonoo (King of Anomabo)

8. Joseph Aggrey (King of Cape Coast)

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