Man who correctly foresaw Queen Elizabeth II death reveals what will happen before the year ends

A seer who correctly predicted Queen Elizabeth II’s death has issued a new forecast of what will transpire before the year is out.

Mirror states that Athos Salome, a fortune teller, foresaw a number of disastrous occurrences that he asserted would happen before New Year’s Day.

Salome has earned the reputation as the “Living Nostradamus” for her correct forecasts, which have included the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and Elon Musk’s social media transition.

Salome underlined that terrible earthquakes and floods are likely to occur in different parts of the world. While his forecasts are not definitive, he cautioned that they should be seen as a call to action to lessen or avoid the possible harm.

There is a likelihood of more disturbances in the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is recognised for its elevated seismic and volcanic activity.

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Salome also mentioned the coastline region extending from northern California to southern British Columbia and the Indonesian island of Java as places where the unwavering power of nature will be experienced.

Salome foresaw not only earthquakes and floods but also storms and cyclones becoming more powerful.

But the seer says that his goal is not to make anyone afraid of what he believes to be impending calamities.

He said; “I don’t intend to instil fear in society. I hope that the negative events predicted will not come true. My warnings are to actually serve as motivation for us to come together and prioritise our well-being.

“I also need to emphasise the importance of implementing policies, building infrastructure and importantly increasing awareness, on a global level and believe that with governance and citizen cooperation, we can avoid these challenges altogether.”

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