KNUST first-class graduate causes a stir after snubbing her professor at graduation [video]

A first-class graduate has become the centre of attention for an unexpected act during the certificate presentation ceremony at the 57th congregation of the KNUST

The incident has sparked debates and a range of viewpoints among viewers after being documented on camera and posted on social media.

First-class graduates receiving their certificate tubes and shaking hands with lecturers to celebrate their academic accomplishments are captured in the video, which was first shared on the X page of @dr_doreeeeenn. The specific graduate in question shook hands with the first two professors in queue while wearing her graduation gown. But many were shocked by what happened next.

The girl made the fairly unusual decision to ignore the third professor in queue. The professor reached out to shake hands, but the KNUST First-Class Graduate refused to accept the gesture or look the professor in the eye, setting off an awkward moment that has since gone viral.

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The public’s reactions to the film were widely shared as soon as it acquired popularity. Numerous viewers of the video expressed shock at the graduate’s behaviour, which resulted in a wide range of perspectives on the subject.

While some conjectured about the reasons for the snub, others questioned whether such behaviour was suitable at such a momentous occasion as a graduation ceremony.

Check out some of the reactions below:

@bhadext opined: “Dem sey the man no mow dem anything that sem Wey he give everybody D for exams 😂

@a_derll quizzed: “Is that Not Dr Martin 🤣🤣

@therealfiner wrote: “Lecturer made negative reflections in her portal I guess 😂😂

@_winnefred asked: “What’s going on here?😭😭

@SuroNipa_OmarhB said: “You chop ur student aaa na so we go do am. Mmoaaaa”

Watch the video below;

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