Young Soldier Murder: Police Release Pictures of Killers with Full Details

After a week of persistent intelligence-driven operations, the Ghana Police Service has detained six people at various times and locations in Ashiaman and its surroundings for their alleged involvement in the soldier’s slaying, Imoro Sherrif.

The Greater Accra Region’s Ashiaman Taifa is where a male adult was discovered dead on March 4, 2023, according to information provided to police.

A group of policemen went to the specified place and verified the incident.

Authorities launched an investigation into the circumstances of the victim’s death right away. The police surrounded the area with a police crime scene team, who processed the site for forensic examination.

A rucksack and a knife with blood smears were among the items the Crime Scene Team recovered. One Samsung tablet, one Apple laptop, one military uniform with the name tag “Imoro,” eight additional pieces of clothes, a Ghana card, and a Health Insurance card with the name Imoro Sherrif were all discovered by police inside the rucksack.

According to police standard operating procedure for handling victims in institutions, the military was informed of the incident and some military personnel came to identify the deceased to police as Imoro Sheriff, a soldier. Based on the contents of the backpack, the police suspected the victim could be a soldier.

After that, the deceased’s body was transported to a hospital for preservation and an autopsy.

An intelligence operation was immediately started as part of the investigation to follow up on any pertinent leads in Ashiaman and other key strategic areas.

Following Ghanaian custom and as part of the inquiry, a team of police officers located the parents of the deceased on the same day. They visited them, expressed their condolences, and gave them the assurance that the case would be thoroughly investigated.

The parents told the police that the deceased was stationed in Sunyani but had been to Accra for a course when they were there.

Inquiries also turned up information that the deceased had visited a female friend in Ashaiman Newtown on March 3, 2023, at 10:30 p.m., and had abruptly left the location on March 4, 2023, around 1:30 a.m.

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On March 9, 2023, the police detained suspects Safianu Musah alias Dayorgu and Ibrahim Abdul Rakib at their hideouts in Ashaiman, following nearly a week of arduous intelligence-driven operations. On March 10th, 2023, two further suspects, Abubakar Sadick alias Birdman and Samuel Tetteh alias Wiper, were also apprehended at their hideouts. Yussif Mohammed and Abdul Gafaru Abdul Karim, two other suspects, were detained on March 11 and 12, 2023, respectively.

Additional investigation has shown that on March 4, 2023, around 1:45 am, Samuel Tetteh and Abubakar Sadick accosted the deceased at Taifa Ashiaman in an effort to rob him of his phone and a rucksack. But the dead resisted and fought with the suspects. Samuel Tetteh, the culprit, stabbed the victim in the arm during the struggle, stole his phone, fled, and left the victim with the knife still lodged in his arm.

The deceased’s body underwent a postmortem examination on March 8th 2023, and the pathologist declared the primary cause of death to be exsanguination and laceration of major vessels in the left arm consistent with the stab wound.

Inquiries further revealed that the phone that Samuel Tetteh and Abubakar Sadick had stolen from the deceased was sold by those two suspects to suspects Ibrahim Abdul Rakib and Safianu Musah. Suspect Yussif Mohammed and later Suspect Abdul Gafaru Abdul Karim both claim to have purchased the phone from Suspect Safianu Musah, who is being evasive regarding its location. Both suspects have been detained and are helping with the search for the phone.

A team of police officials led by the Tema Regional Police Commander visited the family of the dead on March 12th, 2023, and gave them an update on the current state of the investigations.

We would like to express our gratitude to all police officers at all levels of command, but especially to the highly skilled intelligence and investigation teams of the police, as well as to the Ashiaman District Police Command, for their professionalism and meticulous dedication in solving this case.

We want to reassure everyone that all suspects are in police custody and will face justice on Monday, March 13, 2023, especially the relatives of the deceased.

See full statement below;

Young Soldier Murder: Police Release Pictures of Killers with Full Details
Young Soldier Murder: Police Release Pictures of Killers with Full Details

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