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The same person who predicted AKA’s death two years ago makes a prognosis about Tems and Future

Rapper Future will marry Nigerian vocalist Tems, according to a Nigerian seer who also predicted the demise of South African rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

Ahunna Scarlet Ejiogu, a Twitter user who goes by that name, has advised the South African musician to stay away from mafia friendships and parties in 2021 because a gunshot could kill him.

In May 2021, she tweeted, “God says: South Africa rap artist, AKA should beware of a gunshot that will take his life. He should avoid mafia friendships and gatherings or else he will become a target #SouthAfrica”

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Uncomfortably, her forecast seems to match the circumstances surrounding AKA’s passing on February 10, 2023.

The woman then made a new prediction about the American rapper Future and the Nigerian Afrobeats musician Tems.

She foretold that Tems would force Future to settle down because they would both be getting married.

Her words are: “God says: Music artists, Future and Tems will eventually get married. Tems will use her African maternal hand to tame Future into marital submission @future @tems”

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