Frightening-looking animal with a monkey-like head and chicken-like legs emerges online [video]

A social media user going by the name, Oku, has recently shared a video that became viral online. The demented creature shown in the video has an unpleasant appearance and distinguishing features, including the head of a monkey and the legs of a chicken.

It is covered in white feathers and has a body shape that is similar to a chicken, which contrasts sharply with its head that resembles a monkey.

One person can be seen holding the creature in the video as another person stays behind the camera and converses in an unfamiliar language.

Concerned people have descended on the comment section to voice their opinions.

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Frightening-looking animal with a monkey-like head and chicken-like legs emerges online

Some reactions below;

@dscrb: “Apple cider or vinegar to bittersweet it a little. Hmmm yummy. Monkey chicken. This looks nice for grill, to be enjoyed with pineapple chicken sauce, Mashed plantain and Irish potatoes with Brazilian chilli pepper.”

@EbereAmani: “Is like a monkey had sex with a chicken. I would have wanted them to leave the chickenmonkey I want to check something.”

@Mr_beard_bald: “Why video only the front, for me to fully believe this is real, they need to video the back neck and onto only just the front.”

@M15taerBonez: “He needed to change from monkey to chicken then back to human being but he was caught before then.”

@LYNAMBRO1: “From today,I will be buying live chicken and I will make sure the head is there,make I no go chop chicman or chiwoman one day.”

Watch the video below;

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