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Following the recent hardship in the country, famous Ghanaian musician Samini, has had his say after he took to his twitter page to ask about the whereabout of the President of Ghana after Ghanaians voted for him. Samini wants the president to up his game because he believed he was going to bring change and stability that is why he campaigned for him, but just two years for the next election, his soul bleeds.

“Dear @NAkufoAddo. I supported you to bring change and stability. I believed in the vision and your concept of change! But two years to go, my soul bleeds. Our investments wash away daily as the dollar openly whips our cedi. Your people are crying. We cannot pretend all is well. But if God has blessed Ghana with anything, it is our ability to stare difficulty right in the face and say, it will #bealright. Ghana must work again! Where is the Nana Addo who begged us for the mandate? The indiscipline in high and low places of government must be checked. We go keep hope alive and continue to soldier on. What’s a man without hope? We can only continue to pray for a better tomorrow. To all my high graders out there, I say it again.” He wrote on twitter

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Ghanaians feel he is only enjoying the title as president but he is not proficient enough to rule mother Ghana. The hardship is making people depressed and frustrated. Just some few weeks ago, a young man believed to be in his late twenties climbed a grid pole to commit suicide in Kasoa because of the hardship in the country. The prices of goods keep increasing day in day out. A bag of cement is ghc83 now, not even mentioning how the cedi keeps depreciating as compared to the dollar. We hope and pray the government act fast to avoid more suicides.

See a copy of the tweet from Samini below;

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