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US visa interview questions and answers sample has made available US visa interview questions and answers sample to help you in your visa application. Here are a few additional typical inquiries and suggested responses from US immigration interviews:

Can you provide me with a copy of your passport and DS-160 confirmation page? Response: Hand over your passport and provide your DS-160 confirmation document.

What’s the reason behind your trip to the US? 

Response: “I intend to travel to the US to attend a conference in my area of study.”

Which college or organisation is the conference’s host? 

Response: “The conference is being hosted by [Name of the university/organization].”

How long do you intend to spend in America? 

Response: “I intend to stay from [your intended arrival date] until [your intended departure date] for the duration of your conference.”

What do you do for a living in Ghana?

Response: “I work as a marketing manager at [company name] in Ghana.”

Have you ever visited any other countries before? 

Response: “Yes, I have visited [list the countries you’ve visited before] for tourism and business purposes.”

Have you attended any conferences or events related to your field outside of Ghana? 

Response: “Yes, I attended a similar conference in [country name] last year.”

Who is sponsoring your trip to the United States?

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Response: “My employer, [company name], is sponsoring my trip. They will cover all travel-related expenses.”

Do you have any family members living in the United States? 

Response: “Yes, I have a sister who is a permanent resident in the United States.”

How do you plan to fund your expenses during your stay in the United States?

Response:“As I mentioned earlier, my employer will cover all expenses related to the conference. I also have personal savings to cover any additional costs.”

What ties do you have to Ghana that will ensure your return after your trip? 

Response: “I have strong ties to Ghana, including my family, job, and property. I am committed to returning to Ghana after the conference to continue my responsibilities at work.”

Are you married? Do you have children? Response: “Yes, I am married, and I have two children.”

What do your spouse and children do? Response: “My spouse is a teacher, and my children are currently enrolled in school.”

What do you plan to do in the United States during your free time?

Response: “During my free time, I plan to explore the city and its cultural attractions. I may also visit some museums and landmarks.”

I hope you find this article helpful in preparing for your visa application.

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