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How “Ashikishan” the woman on the 50 pesewa coin was killed

Rebecca Naa Dede Ayeetey, born in 1923 in Osu, Ghana, was raised in James Town, Accra. Her parents hailed from Ga Asere and Osu. Following her primary education, she ventured into the flour business, achieving significant wealth and influence. Her success in the industry earned her the nickname “Ashikishan,” derived from the Ga word for flour.

How “Ashikishan” the woman on the 50 pesewa coin was killed

She was known to be the chief financier of the then CPP party and led CPP women activities at her house in Kokomlemle. She financed Dr Kwame Nkrumah to win the Ashiedu Keteke legislature council seat which made him to be the first prime minister of Ghana.

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Being closely associated with Dr. Kwame Nkrumah made her a target for a rival political party, purportedly leading to her untimely demise. She tragically passed away at a CPP function in Ho on June 22, 1961, at the age of 38. Allegedly, the political activist and feminist was poisoned during the event after she complained of a stomach ache following the consumption of hot tea.

How “Ashikishan” the woman on the 50 pesewa coin was killed

The double-decker buses which were brought to Accra by Harry Sawyer were named after her “Auntie Dede”.

She also has her image on a national stamp and of Ghana 50 pesewa coin all in honour of her.

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