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Why Combining Alcohol and Energy Drinks is Harmful to your Health

Young men typically consume alcoholic beverages when having fun and hanging out with their mates because they think alcohol should constantly be around. Young people and even grownups increasingly have the tendency of blending vodka with some softer drinks to mask the harsh taste of vodka, despite the harmful effects that alcohol usage has on the body. Drinking alcohol and energy drinks together has been shown to be unhealthy.

Recent research has demonstrated that drinking vodka along with alcohol increases the risk to the drinker. When combining alcohol with energy drinks, people are more likely to consume large amounts of alcohol and become more intoxicated, according to research published in the journal of adolescent health. Individuals who frequently combine alcohol and energy drinks tend to consume more alcohol over longer periods of time, which causes their blood alcohol levels to peak.


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A related study conducted by the Department of Community Health at Boston University found that the profile of the user as a result of consuming both drinks, rather than the combination of the two drinks, is what actually poses the health risk.

Hence, whenever you choose to combine booze with an energy drink, you need to be cool about it. It has a direct impact in that it makes you drink more because it hides the effects of alcohol intoxication, and you should be aware of the risks associated with excessive alcohol use.

1. It causes anemia- The quantity of red blood cells that deliver oxygen can become unusually low while drinking heavily.

2. It also increases the risk of cancer.

3. It causes cirrhosis; a situation in which the liver is damaged that it performs below par.

4. Heavy drinking can also lead to cardiovascular disease.

5. Heavy drinking can also lead to depression.

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