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A Single Hyena Battles Five Wild Dogs [VIDEO]

After engaging five wild dogs in combat in the wild, a lone, hungry hyena had the worst day of its life.

Four of the five wild dogs had previously gotten lost in the bush and encountered an impala. After the animal attempted to flee to the river, the dogs pursued it and eventually trapped it there.

The helpless animal was brutally torn by the wild dogs, who even tore out its intestines before it passed away. They dismember their prey and consume it while it’s still alive because they prefer very fresh food. The impala was dragged into the bush by the dogs, who took off chunks of meat with each bite.

A Single Hyena Battles Five Wild Dogs [VIDEO]
A Single Hyena Battles Five Wild Dogs [VIDEO]

Hyenas scavenge for animal carcasses that other predators have left behind, unlike wild dogs. One hyena wandered off from its group in search of food in the jungle. It came upon the five wild canines, who were consuming the impala, while it was wandering.

The hyena paused at one location a few meters away from the pack to consume some of the dogs’ spilled flesh. The hyena kept to itself and made no attempt to approach the wild dogs.

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One of the wild dogs sees the hyena and cautiously begins to feed. It growls as it leaps in the direction of the hyena to warn it to back off, not knowing what the hyena would do.

The hyena moves back a little before continuing to feed. The wild dog then growls a short while later to alert the other dogs to prepare to attack.

The pack moves away from the prey and congregates. The hyena moves closer to the pack of wild dogs, and one of the dominant males quickly bites the scavenger in the nose.

A Single Hyena Battles Five Wild Dogs [VIDEO]
A Single Hyena Battles Five Wild Dogs [VIDEO]

The lone hyena is subsequently attacked by the other wild dogs, which it resists by screaming in agony. The hyena struggles in vain despite being larger than the wild dogs.

More teeth than any other canine species, wild dogs have 42. A wild hyena’s bite is more potent than a domestic hyena’s, despite being smaller.

Other wild canines steal stinging bites from the unfortunate hyena as the dominant male retains his hold. After lying down, the hyena makes a valiant effort to avoid being bit by the wild dog and flees—another day of good fortune.


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