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Brave Hippopotamus Battles Three Lions [VIDEO]

One recent viral video of a brave hippopotamus facing up against three lions is evidence that hippopotamuses are the deadliest animals to walk on the earth.

After attempting to cross one of the hippo-infested rivers in the south, Botswana’s Okavango Delta, three male lions nearly vanished from the face of the earth in the span of a single split second.

Hippos are among the animal kingdom’s most aggressively territorial creatures, and they will not put up with any intrusions to their native surroundings.

Three lions were attempting to cross the Okavango River when one courageous lone Hippo spotted movement in the water and ran for the attack on the three lions. The Hippo should have fled for its life when three lions crossed it in the river in a “even” world. However, as seen by the viral, undated video that has been widely disseminated on numerous social networking sites, including Tiktok, that was not the case.

Brave Hippopotamus Battles Three Lions
Brave Hippopotamus Battles Three Lions

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A lone Hippo attacks three lions, who are shown battling for their lives. We can’t say the same for one of the two who continued crossing the river despite being pursued, as one of them abandoned it out of fear for its life. The desperate suicidal Hippo lashes out in an attempt to slice the hapless lion in half with its fearsome enormous razor-sharp teeth, but the one lion’s terrifying roar was unable to drive it away. The lion only suffered a few scrapes and bruises before escaping an early demise.

The hippopotamus is well known around the world as the leading mammal that causes human fatalities. After watching the video, one may legitimately assert that they are also deserving of the infamous title of top animal killer, surpassing lions.

Watch the video below;

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