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Man, bemoans after side chick stole money intended to wed baby mama

An unknown man has shared his painful experience after his side chick stole the money he was supposed to use and wed his baby mama.

In a post that was shared by the man, he explained how the side chick stole the money and spent it profligately with her baby daddy at aqua safari.

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 “I’m so stressed right now and I don’t want to do something stupid. I was supposed to pay for the marriage rites of my baby mama last Saturday. I withdrew the money on Thursday with the aim of giving it to my uncles on Saturday morning. The very same Thursday my side chick came to spend a night at my place. She said she wanted to spend the last night with me as a single man. On Saturday morning when my uncles came to fetch the money I noticed it was nowhere to be found. We had to postpone the ceremony indefinitely because there’s no money. Then later on I see my side chick checking in at aqua safari drinking and eating everything expensive. She hasn’t answered my calls since Saturday. What hurts the most is I saw her baby daddy in some of the pictures. He’s probably eating my hard earned money. My faince is stressed now because she thinks I made a fool of her family. I wish I could tell her the truth but I can’t because she’ll leave me.” He wrote.

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