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Never Eat These 7 Foods On An Empty Stomach

Research says that it’s not a smart habit to eat just about anything on an empty stomach because of the possible dangers that lay there. Nevertheless, research does indicate that sometimes hunger takes control of you and you just want to eat everything that is easily accessible.

The following foods should not be consumed on an empty stomach;


Due to their high potassium and magnesium content, bananas are a favourite among individuals who want a speedy digestion. But, if consumed on an empty stomach, bananas might alter the balance of these nutrients in the blood.


Tomatoes are extremely high in vitamin C, but because they are acidic, eating them on an empty stomach can cause gastric issues.

Citrus Foods

If eaten at the correct moment, fruits are always highly healthful. Citrus fruits may cause more acid to be produced when consumed on an empty stomach. Also, eating fruit on an empty stomach can cause your digestive system to slow down due to the excess fibre and fructose in the fruit. Early in the morning is the worst time to eat fruits with rough fibres like guava and oranges.

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Spicy Food

Even while spicy food may smell and look amazing, eating it first thing in the morning can make your stomach feel uncomfortable. This is a result of their pungent flavour, which can cause indigestion. Two things that fit the bill perfectly are garlic and chilli peppers.

Sugary Foods

If you want a tall, cool glass of juice or coke in the morning or when you get home from work, there is nothing wrong with it. Nevertheless, you must make sure you eat something first to avoid harming your pancreas.

Ice-Cold Beverages

I’ll just get right to it now. Before anything else enters your stomach in the morning, drinking a cold beverage can harm your stomach’s lining and lead to indigestion. Instead, start your day with something warm, according to doctors.


Many individuals have the practise of drinking coffee first thing in the morning, however it may not be a healthy habit. Acidity might result from consuming coffee on an empty stomach.

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