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Ace sound engineer, Appietus and Pappi of 5five fame insult each other live on Tv [VIDEO]

Appiah Dankwah, a renowned sound engineer also known as Appietus in the entertainment industry, and Luther Asamayi, better known as Pappi of the 5five fame, got into a heated disagreement live on television.

Bulldog, the manager of the musical group (5five), allegedly charged Appietus of stealing the group’s tunes without permission.

In response to Bulldog’s assertion, he revealed in an appearance on Citi TV’s “Upside Down” programme on Sunday, January 15, 2023, that he began making money after a white man agreed to put his music on digital platforms.

The renowned music producer claims that a few months after uploading the tracks to digital platforms, he began to receive a sizeable sum of money.

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Bulldog is enraged by the revelation from the famed music producer.

Bulldog, an outspoken artist manager, threatened to sue Appietus in a Facebook post that was seen by because Appietus was allegedly providing food for his family and himself for ten years through the songs he (Bulldog) executive produced and promoted for the popular defunct music group 5Five.

Appietus and Pappi insulted one another when Sammy Flex contacted him live on television to hear his side of the story.

Pappi referred to the 45-year-old music producer as “stupid” and went on to claim that “muje baya” is the best song he has ever recorded.

Luther Asamayi (Pappi) and Jeffery Opoku Agyekum (Killi) performed hip-hop music as the now-defunct combo 5Five.

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Appietus has created over 250 chart-topping tracks, with 5Five’s “Muje Baya” [Move Back] being among his all-time top hit.

Watch video below;

Video credit: Sika official



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