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Man slaps bride during a wedding ceremony [Video]

To avoid becoming a bride to an abusive partner, women must exercise caution before getting married. Heart difficulties, high blood pressure, and digestive issues are just a few of the chronic or long-lasting health issues that can result from physical abuse. Additionally, melancholy, anxiety, and eating disorders are more prevalent in abused women. As a coping mechanism, abused women could abuse drugs or alcohol. Physical abuse is when someone uses force against you and causes harm or danger.

In addition to occurring outside of a relationship, physical violence can also occur in dating or marital partnerships. No one has the right to physically assault you, neither your partner or family members. Even if you don’t leave the abusive relationship right immediately, making a safety plan might assist you to know what to do in case your partner assaults you once more. It might make you more self-reliant after you depart.

Women should learn more about their boyfriends, specifically how they respond to them when they get upset during the wooing phase.

Social media users have been raving about a video of a man slapping his future wife during a church wedding ceremony. No one can really comprehend what happened between them, but in the footage, it appears the groom slapped the bride when they tried kissing.

Gistreel shared the video on Twitter. Watch the video here;



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