O-Sid Productions Set to Host The 7th Edition of ‘The Hahaha Show’ in Tarkwa

O-Sid Productions proudly unveils “The Hahaha Show,” an evening of comedy like no other. The excitement is evident as Ghana’s premier comedy festival takes center stage, guaranteeing a unique experience for everyone in attendance.

The start time of “The Hahaha Show” is slated for precisely 7 p.m. on September 15, 2023, at Tarkwa’s renowned UMaT Auditorium. Curiosity abounds as the event’s time approaches, leaving viewers wondering what surprises O-Sid Productions has painstakingly planned.

Top comedians from across the country will be included in this mysterious exhibition, each known for their distinctive approaches and capacity to make any audience laugh. There is an undeniable air of mystery about the event due to the promise of a comedy-filled evening.

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Tickets can be purchased in order to reserve your place throughout this night of suspense. The 100GH Regular ticket and the 250GH VIP ticket, which both offer a different viewpoint on the evening’s entertainment, are available when you dial *447*1199# to obtain your pass.

Call 0242919230 for enquires or to make bookings. The anticipation only grows as the day approaches, promising a night of humor and mystery that will stick in your mind for years to come.

An extraordinary event is about to take place in Ghana’s comedy scene. On September 15, “The Hahaha Show” will start to reveal its mysteries, and you are invited to take part in this exciting and humorous adventure.

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