Cheddar is a criminal – Kevin Taylor asserts

Kevin Taylor, a controversial television figure, has taken aim at billionaire and politician Cheddar, also known as “The man behind the mask.

Speaking on Abusua FM in Kumasi, Ghana, for the EIB Network, Cheddar said that if given the opportunity to lead Ghana as president, he would make sure the city of Kumasi has access to the sea.

He said, “I’ve been all over the place. I have witnessed that in numerous nations. Dubai, formerly a barren desert, today boasts a sea. My vision for the Ashanti Region is just that. Ships can dock in Kumasi once the area’s waters are dredged.

Kevin Taylor, the leader of the New Force political party, has taken a hard line against the flagbearer in response.

Kevin Taylor asserts on a recent episode of his show that Cheddar lacked critical thinking skills prior to making those “Stupid” remarks.

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The well-known figure in the media claims that Cheddar is not as wealthy as he has led people to assume.

Kevin Taylor pointed out that he is wealthier than Cheddar, who constantly gives the impression that he is wealthy.

He went on to say that everyone who believes in Cheddar is deluded and that he is a crook.

“Cheddar is an offender.” Did Cheddar consider his declaration that he would build a sea before making it? You fool? Cheddar is a criminal. In fact, my wealth exceeds his. Are you crazy? “Are you a fool?” asked Kevin Taylor.

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