Update on CPD Meeting: Preliminary information on CPD Meeting

The details of the recent CPD meeting on Wednesday, July 26, 2023 have been listed below. It is important that the Ghanaian teacher has a firsthand information on CPD and teacher license renewal.


1. Union leaders of GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT GH together with some of their officers.

2. Registrar of NTC and his lieutenants

3. DDG MS of GES


1. CPD points for all ranks reduce from 85 or more to 60 for a period of three years.

2. Twenty points to be accumulated each year.

3. The employer will take care of 60% (12 points per year) of the 20 points to be accumulated each year.

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4. NTC will establish an online portal so the teacher can self-initiate an online CPD workshop for 20% (4 points) of the CPD points for free per year.

5. The teacher will attend two external CPD workshops for 4 points (equivalent to 20%) in a year totaling GHS 150

6. The employer will charge for GHS 150 deductible from the CPDA at source for the CPD days it will organize as part of making the teacher get the 60% points from the employer

7. In all the teacher will pay GHS 300 for the from his/her GHS 1,200 CPDA per year towards CPDA. GHS 150 to service providers for four (target CPD) points in the year and GHS 150 for the employer for 60% of the total CPD points per year, 30% PLC for at no cost and 30% CPD days at GHS 150 per year.

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