NTC to change CPD Points portfolio to 20 Points for all ranks [Full Details]

The National Teaching Council (NTC) held its first quarter online dialogue series on March 31, 2023, with the focus being on “Addressing the Issues of Teachers and Stakeholders.”

Mr. Lawrence Sarpong, the deputy registrar in charge of operations, presided over the meeting. The CPD point accumulation is one of the topics covered. Teachers have a big problem with earning points because some are even compelled to attend CPD workshops.

Before they may be promoted or have their licence renewed, SUPT II teachers must have 60 CPD Points. SUPT. I receives 65 CPD Points, Snr. SUPT. II receives 70 CPD Points, Snr. SUPT. I receives 75 CPD Points, and PS receives 80 CPD Points.

Due to this and other issues identified, the council has proposed for approval to change the CPD Points constructing rubrics. Not all teachers are considered for promotion at the same time. Each teacher will now receive 20 CPD points annually under the revised proposal. No matter their rank, all teachers must earn 20 CPD points during the course of the year. The employer, and thus GES, will give 60% of the points, or 12. Teachers must take part in PLC and National CPD Day to earn these points.

Basic Schools

For basic school teachers who are currently completing the three terms, you must earn 2 CPD Points from PLC for a total of 6 CPD Points throughout the course of the three terms. Also, throughout the three terms, you earned 2 CPD Points from CPD Day, for a total of 6 CPD Points—6 from PLC and 6 from CPD Day.

SHS Semester Schools

For institutions that use the semester system, you must earn 2 PLC points at the start, middle, and end of semester 1 in order to earn a total of 6 CPD points for the semester. The second semester will likewise have 6 for a total of 12 for the year. Points for the PLC and CPD days must be accumulated (mandatory)

Recommended Training

Eight CPD points, or 40% of the total, would be started by the teachers themselves. You can take additional professional courses during the course of the year and earn a total of 4 points. Moreover, CPD service providers can offer programmes that award 4 CPD points, bringing the total CPD points earned from all sources to 8.

Commencement Date

The proposal would be validated by mid-April for a rollout.

Already Accumulated CPD Points

Some teachers currently may have more than 20 CPD points. The council will obtain the 20 points out of the accumulated ones and may roll over the other accumulated points provided they meet the criteria.

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Relevance of NTC Point Building

The accumulation of points is crucial because it advances your professional standing. Ghana has also been chosen as one of the nations from which the UK and the USA recruit teachers, and the majority of teachers applying for admission or wanting to teach there must submit transcripts of CPD points acquired. The process of earning points enables teachers to keep up with the latest developments in education and uphold the highest standards of teaching around the world.

Refusal to Accumulate Points

The NTC standard and compliance team will begin making school visits very soon to ensure that all teachers abide by the teaching standards and point building. Before allowing teachers to pay to renew their licences, portfolio appraisers will make the rounds to make sure they are up to par with expectations for teaching.

Prices for Workshops

All workshops’ costs are governed by the NTC. Online workshops cannot exceed ghc25, while in-person workshops cannot exceed ghc75. All CPD workshops offered online are now halted. You must complete the CPD course when you are ready, without anyone forcing you to do so, and you must reach your 20-point goal to be validated. Directors receive annual training on how to award CPD points.


The council is in discussions with the unions and other stakeholders to integrate the PLC data into the council’s system, where all information about the teacher and PLCs taken can be obtained immediately, as the GES has built the CPD apps.

The NTC has modified its systems to take away CPD points that were incorrectly given. If you believe that you have been incorrectly deducted, kindly email the council with your full name, license number, and training title. Your license number is now your NTC number, which begins with the PT, for those who were issued registered numbers and NTC numbers. If your registration or NTC number is requested, pls provide the one that begins with PT. Send a note to NTC if your rank has not been changed, and it will be fixed once the required documents have been added.

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