How to Unlock Apple Watch Activation Lock Without Apple ID or Prior Owner

Activation Lock removal for the Apple Watch without an Apple ID or previous owner’s password is undoubtedly what you’re looking for. You’re covered by this article, though. We’ve included some cool instructions for disabling any Apple Watch activation lock without a password.

In the event that your Apple Watch or other Apple devices are stolen, the iCloud activation lock is a useful feature that stops unauthorised individuals from accessing your devices. Unfortunately, a lot of consumers can have issues as a result of this function. Let’s say you buy a used Apple Watch and find out it’s connected to the prior owner’s iPhone. If you don’t enter the proper iCloud credentials, you won’t be able to use the watch anymore.

The Apple Watch activation lock bypass is useful in this situation. If your Apple Watch has been locked, this guide is for you. In this article, we’ll explain how to bypass an Apple Watch’s iCloud activation lock.

How to Unlock Apple Watch Activation Lock Without Apple ID

Let’s discuss several hacks and cheats for bypassing the Apple watch activation lock so you can unlock an Apple watch.

You can unlock the door without using your Apple ID by utilising one of the two techniques provided below. However, in this instance, you need to input the IMEI of your watch.


Using the website IMEIUnlockSIM, you may bypass the iCloud activation lock on a variety of iDevices for about $18. You must enter the device’s IMEI number into its straightforward user interface in order to get around the activation barrier.

Using IMEIUnlockSIM has only one drawback: a poor reputation. Several customers have also complained negatively about the platform, calling it a scam.

Anyway, the following describes how to utilise IMEIUnlockSIM to get around the Apple Watch activation lock:

  • Choose the “iCloud Uninstall” option from the top menu bar of
  • Now input the IMEI of your device in the text field and select “Unlock.”
  • The website’s payment page will be your next stop, where you must make the required payment in order to continue.

That’s it; IMEIUnlockSIm will start unlocking the Apple Watch iCloud activation lock as soon as your payment is validated.

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Another online tool that can be used to remove the iCloud activation lock from an Apple Watch is AppleiPhoneUnlock. Due of its higher success rate than IMEIUnlockSIM, AppleiPhoneUnlock is more reliable.

All WatchOS versions from Apple, including WatchOS 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, are compatible with the tool. Similar to the earlier tool, AppleiPhoneUnlock follows the identical steps to unlock the iCloud activation lock by using the device’s IMEI number.

How to Get Past the iWatch Activation Lock Using the Connected iPhone

You won’t have too much trouble unlocking an iPhone if it was previously synced with an Apple Watch before it was locked. Simply pick “My Watch” by bringing your Apple Watch close to your iPhone.

In the following screen, select “Unpair Apple Watch” by tapping the I button next to the watch face. By doing this, you can quickly unlock the Apple Watch and pair it with any other gadget.

How to get around the iWatch activation lock using iCloud

Additionally, you can get around the iWatch activation lock by using your iCloud credentials. To do this, open on a computer and sign in using the Apple Watch pairing credentials you used to sign in to iCloud.

Just removing the Apple Watch from the list of associated devices after logging in will release the iCloud activation lock.

Can You Get Around Apple Watch Series 5/4/3 Activation Lock?

On an Apple Watch, it is possible to get around the activation lock. Even if you forget your iCloud credentials, you can still use your Apple Watch thanks to a variety of web services and specialised desktop programmes.


Being forced to use a locked Apple Watch can be annoying for any user. If the Apple Watch is locked, you won’t be able to use it to check the time, let alone use other WatchOS capabilities.

The good news is that it’s easy to get around the Apple Watch activation lock. To remove the iCloud activation lock on your Apple Watch, just adhere to the aforementioned instructions.

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