Cat seen dancing outside a woman’s house at night [video]

People on the internet are in shock and bewilderment after watching the viral video of a dancing cat outside a white lady’s house at night.

The video, which shows a domestic cat performing amazing tricks on its two hind legs outside a house in the wee hours has prompted debates about feline behavior and elicited a wide range of responses online.

The video was posted by Twitter user @TheFigen_ and received a lot of attention on social media, receiving thousands of views, likes, and shares in just a few hours.

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The quick cat can be seen swaying and moving in the footage, seemingly dancing with delight.

The woman, who appeared to be genuinely shocked by the strange sight questioned the veracity of her own eyes and inquired as to whether anyone else online was also seeing what she claimed to be.

“I’m seeing right? Is the cat dancing?”, She wrote.

Watch the video below;

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