“A lady that asks you for transport money is useless” – Clergywoman

Mildred Okonkwo, a well-known clergywoman, has stated that girls who seek for money for transportation are useless because they are indolent.

This was said by her when she preached to her congregation during a church session.

The female preacher advised males to be careful not to marry women who are unmotivated to look for a life partner.

She asserted that the woman the man is dating or about to marry is a poor girl since it is obvious from the simple fact that the man needs to be convinced to give her money.

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“A lady that asks you for transport money is useless” – Clergywoman

Some reactions from netizens;

Reacting, happeningscakes wrote: “I still feel using the word ‘useless’ for anyone from a minister of God is inappropriate… my take”

yourprincecharmingO1 reacted: “As a lady if you cannot afford basic things like transportation,data,food and clothes don’t go into a relationship you are not ready.”

gtb_gtb said: “I don’t agree to this though… her asking for transport fare could be due to many reasons. What if she isn’t working at the moment? We all started from somewhere before we gathered our millions. I’d send transport to a girl if she doesn’t have a car.”

tosinjuls wrote: “Was it written in the Bible like that???? If you want to preach word of God, preach word of God, if you want to be a motivational speaker, do it. All these statements are out of context”

francessoffical said: “I wouldn’t ask him for transport money I will tell him to book my flight instead or send a driver this life no hard at all.”

Watch the video below;

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