“We are strongly behind the President to remove Ken Ofori Atta”– Patrick Boamah [Video]

The economic crisis in the country has led to the majority caucus in parliament fighting for the removal of the the finance minister; Ken Ofori Atta.

Some eighty (80) New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentarians who are asking President Akufo-Addo to reshuffle the Finance Ministry.

At a press conference on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, the MPs also said that if President Akufo-Addo does not listen to their appeal, they will not be present for the 2023 budget hearing and therefore, risk losing their support for government business moving forward.

Some of the Members of Parliament believe that he is not working hard enough to bring the economy of Ghana back to its feet after he was labeled as an economic expert prior to his appointment.

Many associate his low work output with his liver issues, because he has not worked up to expectations.

“He should have stepped down after he came out to publicly announce that he is battling with liver problems” Some Ghanaians say. 

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Speaking on Joynews on the state of the economy, Okaikwei Central MP, Mr Patrick Boamah revealed that the party members will be in support of the removal of the finance minister if the need be.

“It is a good call. As a concerned majority we want our government to succeed so if for example common fund has not been released and it is affecting the performance of MPs and MMDCEs who are appointed by the President, then steps ought to be taken. We need to hear from our finance minister, we need to hear from the president on steps that are being taken, because when it comes to the removal of a minister the constitution says you need two thirds of members, President and voting and it is by secret ballot. From the way things are, you cannot guarantee it, you cannot so I think it is the interest of our side (majority) of government to remove our minister. But when push comes to shove to save the party. The government we are asking to break the eight (8) which I don’t believe in, I believe in winning successive elections. We are not here to win two elections and say “we are breaking the eight” no. I believe in winning successive elections, eight is too small. Whatever it takes for the government to put in place the right measures if requires removing all the cabinets ministers and setting up a new government, we all support it if that is what will win us successive elections.”-He said when asked about the removal of the finance minister 

This video was posted by Joynews on their official youtube page.

Watch video below;

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