Update on Slay Queen’s murder: Killer’s identity, hiding place, and CCTV footage

Maadwoa, a lady, who was shot five times at Adum in Kumasi, Ghana, by her alleged boyfriend, who then killed her in cold blood. Tony is the killer’s identity.

According to the narrative, the murderer, who is also a police officer, approached the victim after arguing with her over the state of their relationship.

When Maadwoa apparently refused to comply with his requests and also downplayed his worries about her seeing other men, things allegedly escalated

The policeman shot Maadowa in the abdomen as soon as he finished questioning her. He approached the victim, sensing that she was not quite dead, and fired the rounds into her head, instantly murdering her.

Update on slay queen's murder
Picture of killer

Given that the victim was a serious partner who had a child, lived in the UK, and was preparing to move there before the tragic event, the story has shattered the hearts of many.

Vivian Dapaah, alias Maadwoa, 26, was immediately declared dead. The family has already gathered to discuss her untimely passing and choose a date for her funeral. Clearly, this was a murder motivated by passion.

Information About the Policeman

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According to reports, the policeman’s name is Mr. Darko (also known as Tycoon). The officer was promoted to his present level in December 2022 after serving with the Kumasi SWAT team.

He is a middle-aged man who has been in a long-term relationship with the deceased, supported her financially, and most of the time met her requirements.

Police manhunt the killer

The two were planned to get married, according to individuals who were familiar with their connection, and Maadwao had reassured him of her dedication to the union.

So, when he realised he had been duped, he went into a fit. He repeatedly questioned Maadwoa, but he never received the answer he felt was due.

OPINION: You might be able to save your life by choosing to date an emotionally competent person. However, don’t take advantage of someone just because they’ve shown an interest in liking you.



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