Police manhunt man for torturing basic six pupil for allegedly stealing money

One Boraa Toyel, a local, allegedly brutally tortured a basic six student at the Tanvaare Methodist Primary School in the Wa West District for allegedly taking GHC 800.00.

The 13-year-old (name withheld), who was accused by Mr. Boraa Toyel, a farmer and tricycle rider, of taking GHC800.00 out of GHC1900.00 kept in the room, denied stealing the money.

The event occurred on Wednesday, April 19, according to Mr. Yussif Abdallah, the assembly member for the vicinity, who made this revelation to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Tanvaare.

He claimed that in order to get the boy to release the money, Boraa Toyel brutally beat him, chained him to a tree, and professed to murder him.

Mr. Abdallah claimed that Boraa Toyel tracked the victim to the school, dragged him out of class, and began brutally beating him as he was being dragged to the house. He claimed that the incident took place in the school while school officials were away getting ready for regular classes after holding sporting events with the students earlier that morning.

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“Boraa Toyel came and accused the child of stealing his money, picked him from the classroom, and started beating as he pulled the child out of the school. The teachers were not present at the time.”

The assembly member added, “He said the youngster was in the room where the money was kept while his phone charged and later he (Boraa Toyel) could not find the money, therefore he thinks it is the boy who picked the money, he did not catch him with the money.

According to Mr. Abdallah, the victim’s aunt later informed the school’s administration about the event, and when they arrived on the scene, they saw the student bound to the tree and covered in bruises.

He said that when the teachers arrived at the house, they took pictures of the youngster strapped to a tree and threatened to have Boraa Toyel jailed if he did not free the boy.

The victim was taken urgently to the Wa West District Hospital, according to the assembly member, and the incident was reported to the Wa West District Police command so that the appropriate steps could be done.

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