How To Hide Text Messages from Girlfriend On iPhone

You may utilise this option to hide your stacking messages, and it is quite cool. As it won’t appear in your message box anymore, it requires periodically checking your messages.

You won’t get notified when new text messages arrive if you enable this feature. As a result, you must use extreme caution. When you’re not with your partner, always check your inbox. To activate the feature, adhere to following procedures;

  • Launch the iPhone Settings app.
  • Select Notification.
  • Next, select Messages Under Option by scrolling down.
  • Select Show Previews.
  • And finally, press Never.
  • That’s all, messages will automatically stop appearing on the home screen whether it is locked or unlocked.

To avoid anything suspicious, you might also like to turn off notifications anytime someone sends you a text message. Make use of this guide to disable notifications as well;

  • In the Notifications settings, go back to Messages and tap On Sounds first.
  • Then select Vibration.
  • Then select None.
  • Go back to the Sounds page and choose None under Tone.
  • Last but not least, go back to the Messages Notifications settings and select Turn Off.
  • Banner Alerts, the Notification Centre, and the Lock Screen.
  • Go to the “final option” and turn off Allow Notifications there.

NOTE: If you disabled message notifications, your phone will no longer inform you in any manner, so you must remember to check your Messages app frequently to see if any new messages have arrived.

You can change these settings on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod. To accomplish this with excellent results, you can still utilise a top-notch security calculator programme that hides text messages. Actually, I’ll only advise you to utilise this software rather than the characteristics that iPhone text messages hide.

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App To Hide Text Messages On iPhone From Girlfriend

This application, which I’m going to reveal, does more than just hide text messages. Additionally, you may use it to conceal important documents such as photos, videos, call records, social media interactions, and more.

Amazing, huh? Oh yeah, this app will prevent your girlfriend from reading your text messages, seeing your WhatsApp and Facebook chats, viewing your phone’s photos, and much more. Download the app HERE.

  • After installing the text message hiding software for girlfriend.
  • Open the app after installation.
  • Make a memorable password or passcode that must end with the % symbol.
  • Anytime you want to view the secret text messages, photos, movies, etc., you must enter the passcode.
  • You can also choose your favourite password to be your fingerprint.
  • Add all the contacts whose text messages you want to hide to the app.
  • Drag and drop any file you want to hide inside the calculator app at this point.
  • A successful concealed text message, picture, or video will automatically vanish from the inbox and gallery as confirmation.
  • That’s all, have fun and be careful.

With this application, no one will ever suspect you of cheating because it appears to be an innocent phone calculator. All of your regular phone activities will be safely stored and kept out of your girlfriend’s sight.


I’ll end here in the hopes that you now understand how to hide text messages on an iPhone from a girlfriend. If your primary motivation for looking for how to hide your text messages is to cheat on her, it is not advised.

To learn how to protect your cell phone from unauthorised access, you can see our associated articles. Please feel free to ask any more questions; we will be happy to help.

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