How to unlock a locked iPhone without using software 

Forgetting your iPhone password and not able to unlock your locked iPhone can be stressful and frustrating. 

In this article, has made simple steps to unlock your iPhone easily without using any third party software or application.

Unlocking your locked iPhone should be easy enough for every iPhone user. Go through the steps below to unlock your iPhone.


  1. On your locked screen, swipe up to the control center.
  2. Turn off WiFiBluetooth, and Mobile data.
  3. Turn on ‘Airplane Mode
  4. Go to calculator (make sure your phone is in the rotation mode)
  5. Enter full stop (.)InRad and swipe up

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Refer to the video below if you have any difficulties 

Video credit: @max_tools011


Use this second option if your weren’t able to use the first option.

  1. Go to the emergency center
  2. Enter *#962*003*#302*723*006*820*180*3079*#385*942*#
  3. Press the call button repeatedly 

Refer to the video below if you have any problems 

Video credit: @max_tools011

How to unlock iPhone 5,6,7 without passcode

For iPhone 5,6, or 7, go to the emergency center and input the code *#000#*09090*#06#*0000#*880*06# and dial.

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