4 Farmers submerged in Tolon After boat overturned

Four farmers died last Saturday when their boat capsized in the Golinga irrigation dam in the Tolon District of the Northern Region, leaving the entire Galinkpegu hamlet in a state of grief.

They were reportedly coming back from their farm when the event took place at about three o’clock.

The bodies, identified as those of 40-year-old Alhassan Zakaria, 45-year-old Yakubu Danaa, 45-year-old Alhassan Musah, and 40-year-old Issahaku Musah, have subsequently been recovered and given to their families for burial in accordance with Islamic norms.

Seven people were in the boat at the time of the tragedy, but three of them were able to swim ashore, leaving the four who tragically perished in the water, according to report.

Abdallah Salifu, the Tolon District Director of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), who confirmed the occurrence, claimed that a search party made up of locals and NADMO staff members searched for all the bodies yesterday afternoon after searching for almost 24 hours.

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Mr. Salifu used the occasion to urge boat operators against overloading and to warn individuals who were fishing near the dam to exercise caution in order to protect their own safety.

In an interview, Nantogmah Zakaria, the assemblyman for the Golinga Electoral Area, claimed that the entire town was in shock because it was the first time such a calamity had struck the region.

“We are unable to comprehend or account for the potential causes of this tragedy.

Seven men from our village went to a farm in a boat, and when they came back, the boat capsized. Three of the guys were able to escape, but the other four perished in the water. 

“With the help of the NADMO rescue team, along with the local team this morning, we were able to retrieve the lifeless body of the fourth victim,” he added. “We were able to retrieve three bodies yesterday.”

He added to the Daily Graphic that the recovered bodies were given to their families for burial in accordance with Islamic tradition after the police had examined them.

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