On what basis would your license be annulled as a teacher

If it can be established that a teacher has shown signs which are contradictory to the rules and regulations of the Ghana Education Service (GES), their license to teach may be terminated by the board of education. The grounds for revoking a teacher’s license are taken very scarcely, just like the act governing the termination of a tenured teacher.

The charges must fit into one of these seven categories in order to qualify as grounds for suspension or revocation of license:

Immoral conduct or character

Many questions arise when one approaches the subject of “morality,” or the absence of “morality,” or rather, “immorality.” What is it? What conduct does it encompass? Is a teacher’s sexual orientation a moral question? Should the board be able to dictate what a teacher does in his or her spare time, or with whom he or she associates after the school house doors have closed? If the law permits inquiry into a teacher’s morality, what limits, if any, should be imposed? A teacher has no right or responsibility or whatsoever to engage in any immoral act with a student. The charge of immorality is quite delicate. If a teacher is proven guilty of a serious sexual offense or a felony involving moral depravity, his or her license will be revoked

Willful neglect of duty or gross inefficiency

Neglect of duty is basically the teacher vacating post and dealing with his or her private business (es). Policy manuals such as the teacher conduct code outlines into details of such misconduct by teachers. The teacher must be given the chance to change his or her behavior before the license can be revoked for neglect of duty.

Misrepresentation or fraud in obtaining a license

Using suspicious means to obtain ones teaching license will also warrant revocation of license. The norm for obtaining a teaching license is through the National Teaching Council (NTC), after successfully passing the NTC exams. In most cases if found culpable of fraud in obtaining license, the culprit serves a jail term.

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Failure to teach for a whole term without justifiable cause

The license of a teacher will be annulled if he or she fails to teach for whole term without any justifiable reason. A teacher cannot vacate post and take his or her monthly salary without successfully discharging his or her duties effectively and efficiently: that makes the teacher a criminal following the contract he or she has with GES. Only teachers on study leave with pay can take their monthly salary without being at post.

Failure to meet licensure requirements

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has made courses available for teachers to take in order to renew their licenses; license renewal will not be granted without passing the required courses or gaining required CPD points. Teachers are to attend workshops and PLC meetings to get the required CPD points.

Violation of the code of ethics

The board may revoke your license without a hearing if you receive a conviction for child abuse, sex trafficking or other offenses involving predatory behavior with pupils.

Termination of the contract

The contract will be dissolved if both parties agree to annul it, that is, the teacher and GES. A teacher can be reinstated into the service after a period of three (3) years.


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