‘Trotro’ driver and his mate are shown on video attacking a police officer

A video that is presently circulating shows a ‘trotro’ driver and his companion assaulting a police officer. 

According to reports, the incident took place when the police officer allegedly approached the driver as part of his official vehicle check duties. 

According to reports, the officer pulled over the motorist for a traffic infraction and ordered them to follow him to the station.

The motorist apparently declined and then attacked the policeman, according to reports. 

In the viral video, the motorist manhandled the cop before throwing him to the ground with the help of a friend. 

They appeared to be taking what appeared to be their car key from the policeman as one of them had him pinned down and the other could be seen hitting and pulling the defenseless uniformed man. 

The policeman was held captive by his abusers, and it required the intervention of a few witnesses to set him free.

Watch video below;



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