Students make fun of lecturer for failing to answer a chemistry question [video]

Some university students made fun of their lecturer after he couldn’t finish a chemistry question on the board for them.

The lecturer was observed during the lectures standing in front of the board and answering the question until he became nonplussed.

The lecturer appeared to have missed a step and was unsure of what to do next as he stood at the board appearing a little puzzled.

Internet users had varying reactions to the video. Some laughed at his inability to move on, while others pointed out that the course was challenging and that he was not to blame for forgetting.

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Check out some of the reactions below;

@DCI Masaku said: “Is this aromatic chem?”

@De-Rabbi Music Official said: “That’s organic chemistry, my friend. We used to have different answers with the lecturer. Yet he was marking is correct.”

@MOHAMED@NCMTC said: “Then I remembered once upon a time we exposed a science teacher at a high school.”

@JP commented: “The only term I remember in this unit is superimpossibility.”

@user7824983829772 said: “Makes me to remember how my lecturer struggled with quantum mechanics one day.”

@nabada xagey nagaaday said: “Chemistry is not an easy subject.”

Watch the video below;

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