Ghanaian farmers kill a huge python and behead it [video]

A group of Ghanaian farmers in a video have gone viral after they killed a huge python and decapitated it.

The python which is assumed to weigh around 70-85 kilograms was seen hanging on the right shoulder of one of the farmers while one recorded.

Research has it that pythons are some of the largest snakes in the world. These big, non-venomous snakes can range from 23 inches to 33 feet in length, and they can weigh from 7 ounces to 250 pounds.

The video has made users of the microblogging platform, X, formerly known as twitter to share their thoughts.

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Check some of the reactions below:

@DesmondDjik wrote: “Leave this noble creatures alone !!!!”

@nii_amah reacted: “Animal cruelty”

@NewsRobertP stated: “Big African rock python. I have one at my house. It’s not that big though. Not yet.”

@ParbyBill_ said: “Where the military Dey? Free food Dey ooh”

@qwequ_ananse suggested: “These animals will soon go into extinction. Let’s protect them. They are not poisonous creatures”

Watch the video below;


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