Sawla-Bole roadway is restored to traffic

In the Savannah Region, the damaged section of the Sawla to Bole roadway has been temporarily repaired and made passable.

After the Doli bridge collapsed following recent storms, the road became impassable.

Engineers from the Ministry of Roads and Highways and the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) have therefore built a path to make the road usable.

As attempts are being made to replace the damaged bridge permanently in the following days, this will act as a temporary solution.

Tricycles, small cars, and pedestrians are currently permitted to use the road.

Thomas Mbomba, Deputy Minister of Roads and Highways, addressed the media after touring the bridge’s construction yesterday and urging drivers to exercise caution because the walkway is only temporary.

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Caution “For now,it is a one way pathway so it is not a permanent road, so motorists should use it with caution as the ministry works tirelessly to fix it permanently,” he said.

However, he assured them that the ministry was making every effort to reopen the road as quickly as possible.


On September 17, 2023, a rainfall that lasted for almost four hours washed away a bridge at Doli in the Bole District of the Savannah Region, cutting off access to the key road that connects the Upper West Region to the south.

Due to a bridge collapse on the Doli section of the route, road traffic from Bole to Wa in the Upper West Region was stopped.

The bridge was destroyed when a dam by the side of the road burst its bank, leaving commuters stuck and the road from Bole to Wa inaccessible.

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