Lady gets stunning tattoo of her boyfriend’s face on her back [video]

young lady demonstrates a perfect approach to show her partner how much she cares by getting a tattoo of his face on her back.

The lady who spent hours at a tattoo parlour getting a precise design of her boyfriend was shown in a viral video.

Although getting tattoos of the person you love is nothing new, this lady’s method stood out since she inscribed his complete face on her back.

Since then, there have been conflicting comments to the video on social media, with some criticising the woman in the upcoming split and others finding it sweet and caring.

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Read some of the reactions below:

iamkaysamz said: “I just be picturing her cheating, the other guy hitting her from the back while seeing the boyfriend’s sorry tatto face 😂.. women 😂

superstarwendu said: “When she ventures into hookup, she will tell her customers it’s her late brother 😂

oluadebamowo stated: “They will not breakup in Jesus’ name! Amen…. Because this is such a huge investment”

gylliananthonette wrote: “His face tattooed on your back, someone else face tattooed in his heart”

rororibs penned: “When them break up she go cut that place comot 😔

Watch the video below:

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