Father nearly k!lled his daughter after stumbling upon a video of her with her boyfriend online [video]

A father nearly k!lled his much loved daughter after coming across a rømäntįc video of his daughter and her boyfriend on the internet.

The father whose identity is concealed, in a frenzy of anger, was seen in a video beating his daughter mercilessly and he even made an effort to strangle her with his bare hands to death.

Some unknown persons believed to be relatives of the girl came to her rescue and stopped the father from committing a heinous offense.

The incident has since gain notoriety on the internet which made a lot of netizens to react to the video.

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Check out some of the reactions below;

@__zinddy__ said: “If she is 18 yrs already she can sue her father. That Assault is too much na…”

@lumilionrez noted: “She will still do worse”

@Bolajiø496 wrote: “Omo he expected too much from the daughter that’s why he felt so heartbroken and reacted that way.”

@allabout__ife reacted: “I think that’s too much”

@A_RWAC also reacted: “That girl is gone, why do we still believe beating kids like thieves resolve anything? I can guarantee you that this girl is one guy with one bedroom away from running away from their home. She’s nw dr the street, that small boy self done lose that food cus some wicked face-me-I-face-u Akilapa is taking over.”

@Awoken9ijaYouth wrote: “Violence will not help anyone raise a child. When the work that should be done when they are little isn’t done, manhandling when they are bigger isn’t the answer 🤷🏾‍♂️


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