Students at Bekwai SDA leave school out of fear for their lives

Fearing for their lives, a number of students from the Bekwai SDA Senior High School in the Bekwai Municipality have left school.

It comes after fights broke out between the school’s boarding students and a few individuals who were allegedly day students collaborating with Bekwai Municipality hooligans.

A student who described the events to said that on Friday, March 22, 2024, a heated argument on campus between a day student and a border turned physical.

He said that shortly after the pupils’ departure, they observed some young people wearing masks and brandishing machetes as they walked toward the students as stones were being thrown at them.

“The students ordered a push and retaliated with stones so they eventually chased them out of the school,” he narrated.

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The student who saw the happenings said that the police moved in to clear the path so that the injured pupils could be sent to the Bekwai Municipal Hospital.

“One of the students suffered a machete slash. Others got badly hurt.” He pointed out.

He further recounted that after the Sabbath Service on Saturday evening around 8:00 PM, they saw what appeared to be a reprisal attack from a group of youth riding in rickshaws, a scene that angered the students to arm themselves with machetes to retaliate.

“The boys retaliated and ended up overpowering them and destroying one of their pragias,” he added.

Many other students have also left the school for safety, according to the student who has also evacuated out of dread of any deadly attacks, who spoke with reporter Ivan Heathcote-Fumador.

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