Around 500 Students from Sefwi Wiawso Teacher Training College Demonstrate Against Academic Issues

In a massive demonstration on campus, more than 500 senior students at Sefwi Wiawso Teacher Training College called for answers to a number of unresolved and inaccurate test results.

570 students took part in the demonstration, voicing issues with incomplete academic records, delayed results, inaccuracies in the results that have been issued, and the lack of an index number and student site. Their academic performance and future professional goals have been severely impacted by these issues.

In addition to the delayed release of academic results, which has left many students unsure of their academic standing and eligibility for graduation, the students also reported that despite multiple attempts to resolve these issues through official channels, the college authorities had not taken meaningful action, which is why they had decided to protest.

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The results that have been released also contain inconsistencies and errors, which further cause confusion and anxiety.

The demonstrators also emphasized the importance of the absence of a working student portal. In a time when electronic access to academic records and correspondence is commonplace, students have found it challenging to monitor their academic progress and obtain timely updates in the lack of such a portal.

It has also become more difficult for the students to correctly identify themselves inside the academic system due to the non-issuance of index numbers.

After reviewing the students’ petition, the college’s principal, Dr. Emmanuel Carsamar, gave them his word that their issues would be taken seriously right away.

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